Secret Storage

A bit of imagination can give you a whole lot of extra space. YOU CAN never have enough storage, as they say. Luckily, there are any number of ideas out there for maximising storage space around your home. Products such as baskets, boxes, storage racks, bins, shelving systems and containers are all good, but the type of storage space I have been thinking about recently is a little less obvious; it’s the hidden spaces we have all around us: inside the walls, above the ceiling and under the floor. They are unused “secret” spaces; it is just a matter of knowing how to unlock them. Above the ceiling Why not capitalise on the dead space above your ceiling? A quick survey of my converted loft space reveals items from almost every room in the house sitting quietly out of the way until we need them again.


Professional companies that specialise in this type of work should do full loft conversions. They will be able to assess each individual roof space for strength and a suitable access point, then provide flooring, lining, lighting and a drop-down ladder. But if a full conversion is not within your budget, some extra storage can still be opened up in the meantime with the installation of an extra manhole or two. Cutting a hole in your plasterboard ceiling and installing a manhole is not a difficult job. A basic metal manhole frame with a pop-out MDF hatch can be bought from plastering suppliers such as Boral, CSR or PlastaMasta. They come in various sizes, so select one that will fit between your ceiling joists. To install the frame, first choose an appropriate spot. Towards the centre of the house is good. Allow good headroom over the opening and don’t put it directly over beds or hard-to-move furniture. Next you will need to locate the edge of a ceiling joist. Check out the stud finder reviews to find out the best for you or make a simple choice with an inexpensive stud finder Read more