Split System Air Conditioning Can Change Your Life

Split system air conditioning units, are usually used for larger buildings and applications and is so called because the system splits apart the hot part of the system from the cold. The cold side of the system is housed in a furnace or some other sort of air handler and the hot side, also known as the condensing unit is housed outside the building.

In some larger buildings this unit is found on the roof. In essence the split system is exactly the same as a window air conditioner. The split system can use evaporator coils that can be placed in every room of the house. Each of these coils can be set to a different temperature, for instance a bathroom can be cooled to a different level than a living room, making the split system ideal for larger homes with more than one occupant. The ability to set the temperature levels of each room make this system extremely energy efficient as those rooms that are not in use can be switched off entirely. In addition to controlling temperature the split system air conditioning unit also controls humidity and air quality. Air quality is maintained through the installation of a filter in the air conditioning unit that eliminates airborne particles. These systems work in much the same way as whole house dehumidifiers. This filter will have to be changed or cleaned at regular intervals.

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Although in the past split system air conditioners have been accused of being ugly today’s units are aesthetically pleasing often contributing to the style of the household. Good examples of these air conditioners are the Artcool units produced by LG which come in a variety of styles and finishes.

As with all air conditioning units the home owner should carefully assess the households (or businesses) needs prior to making the purchase of the unit. Split system air conditioning units come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some of which are suitable for home use and some of which will simply be too powerful and result in a waste of electricity. Split systems are quieter than portable air conditioners because they remove the source of any noise to the outside of the home. They also remove the need to empty the water that collects in the pan of a portable air conditioner by removing the condenser unit to the outside of the house. This saves time and effort, but at an added cost. Split system air conditioners can be considerably more expensive than their portable counterparts.

Split system air conditioning has undergone a revolution in the past decade. Not only are the units considerably more attractive than they have been in the past but technological innovation has made them quieter and more energy efficient. In addition to these attributes filtration systems have advanced in leaps and bounds.

Today’s split system air conditioner can filter out particles far smaller than has traditionally been the case and in some of the more advanced models plasma filters charge electric ions that kill bacteria and filter out 99% of particles and microbes. They are even on par with the air cleaning abilities of the best rated dehumidifiers out there. These units are perfectly suited to homes where the inhabitants suffer from hay fever or dust allergies. They are also highly recommended for use in houses where there are small children, babies or smokers.

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