Deciding on New or Used Baby Furniture

baby-furnitureThere are plenty of reasons why it’s important to choose the right furniture for baby. And buying it all new isn’t always the best option, either. So why should you be careful when choosing?

Buying new furniture on a budget might force you to buy something that is cheap and unsafe for baby BUT buying something second hand might give you something of higher quality for the same price.

Some baby items can deteriorate over time, meaning they’re unsafe to use second hand.

So what baby items should you buy new and what should you buy used? Here is a basic guide as to what baby furniture to choose:

  • Swing – A good swing provides your baby a comfortable seat and swing. If you’re always busy with your work, a swing can take care of your baby for you. A second-hand baby swing can be dangerous for your baby so you need to buy a brand new one for safety. Check out the best baby swing reviews before making a purchase.
  • Cots – These are often quite expensive when purchased new so it’s a good idea to find a cheap or hand me down cot if possible. As long as the cot is sturdy it should have no trouble lasting for quite a few babies.
  • Mattresses – You should always purchase mattresses new, since they collect a lot of invisible particles such as skin cells. They also absorb sweat from baby, which can lead to deep seated mould. Each baby should get a new mattress.


  • Prams – It’s highly recommended that you purchase prams new. Second hand prams may have problems you don’t immediately notice, such as damaged safety straps or broken parts that may hurt baby. If you do buy a second hand pram, go with a trusted second hand baby supply store, not a sale from a stranger online or in a newspaper
  • Baby Bath – If you plan to buy a second hand baby bath, make sure it is made only of easily cleanable plastic or rubber.
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